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Make quiet time for yourself
These chronicles are about wholesome, thrifty, sustainable living, good entertainment, philosophical debate and spiritual reassessment.  I share constructive ways of looking at life, skills for creative work in the kitchen and garden and some of my own stories.  I often mention book titles and films, and from time to time, music.

Apricots for preserves
I think of The Rushleigh Chronicles as a set of treasure boxes containing many useful, thoughtful and beautiful things for those who care to look.  I hope to provide a useful as well as pleasant refuge from all the dis-integration so prevalent in the modern world.

I do also hope to provide some thought-provoking material as I see human complacency as the greatest danger in the world today - the danger of simply letting things run on just as they have done, in the hope that everything will somehow turn out all right.  It seems to me that this is less and less likely.   The more we work to develop our skills in practical and thoughtful ways the better off we will all be in the long run.  I believe we each need to make this effort for our own sakes and also contribute what we can to the common good.  These chronicles are part of my contribution.

Being in touch with the Earth - timeless garden design

Topics covered now fall into six distinct groups.  Because of this each group has its own site.  This address is a gateway for accessing the others.  However, each chronicle contains links to all the others  at the top of each page: to go to the chronicle of your choice click on any of their names below or go to the list of links at the upper right of the screen.

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Rushleigh - The At Home Chronicle:
This site contains articles about practical household matters such as cooking, baking and good, thrifty housekeeping; gardening and garden design; stories about my community; and a scattering of items about the natural world.  In addition, the Christchurch earthquakes are extensively covered.

This scope of this site has recently been expanded to include articles about art and craft as well as movies, films and other performing arts.  The emphasis is on what to me is wholesome, thought-provoking and enriching, as well as some that is just plain easy-going. (Site previously named 'Rushleigh - The Movies, Television and Entertainment Chronicle.)

Kowhai tree trunk
This site contains thoughtful discussion of ideas: philosophical and spiritual issues, inter-personal relations, the challenge of living in the modern world, sustainability, various things I've worked out and other issues I still pondering.

This site contains thoughts and suggestions to do with managing crisis and trauma, along with my own spiritual reassessment.  It includes extensive comment about the pitfalls of New Age thinking and the painful process I went through extracting myself from it.  This set of writings is now fairly complete. 

Earth's hidden treasures
Rushleigh - The Gemstone Chronicle:
Over the years I have become familiar with many gemstones, minerals and other delights of the natural world, in the form of jewellery pieces as well as naturally occurring stones both polished and uncut.  Many have taken thousands, even millions of years to form, a scale of time which is far beyond human comprehension. I want to share this love so that you too have the opportunity to enjoy them.

Rushleigh - Beyond Belief:
This site is so-named because content is likely to fall outside of accepted beliefs, attitudes and conventions.  I share here some of the thoughts and musing I didn't want to put you off with by including them in the other chronicles.  I say more about what motivated me to create it in the introductory article.  Make of it what you will.